Partner Program for Keepers and Counters

Created to give back to our bookkeeping and accounting partners that contribute so much to everybody else and deserve something for themselves.

Just some of the great companies we partner with

We love to help businesses of all sizes save money and we’re able to reach more of them by partnering with these companies.


Thoughts from our founder & CEO

From speaking with all of our partners and how some felt undervalued, over-pressured and with so little time for themselves we thought how could we help. We racked our brains, white boarded many nights until 2am and asked lots of our partners and yet the answer was a simple one.

Let’s give back something to them. Let’s allow them to get a little extra reward for their hard work. Let’s say thank you. So we created Spence’s vault, a program to deliver exactly that. Whenever you save your client’s money we give you a reward too. It’s that simple. One-for-one. Your client saves money, you get points to spend on you. There is only one rule:

It must be spent on you.

Nigel, Founder & CEO

Join the partner program and earn points

50 points

Setup integration with Xero or Gmail to automate bill checking.

50 points

Opt in to automatic switching if saving preference is achieved.

150 points

Save your client’s money by switching them to a new retailer.

Meet the Keeper Video Series

We like to get to know our partners in more depth, understand their stories, trials and tribulations so we can focus all of our energy on providing the most amount of value we can. This is a short clip of us getting to know Annie Pearson from Admin Happy. If you don’t already know her you should!

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