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How it works


Send us your bill

Add a picture of your bill or let us detect it automatically from your Gmail or Xero account. In seconds the platform will compare your rates with real-time supplier rates.

Meet your match

In less than a minute, we locate the right deal for you, prefill the forms that need to be completed from our bill data and if you agree, we can automate the switchover to your new retailer.  We will organise everything for the switch in the background for you.


After your switch, you can choose for us to automatically switch you the cheapest retailer if a new better offer becomes available. You tell us what matters to you most; to you the most; savings, discounts or retailer and we do the rest. 

Stop paying too much and start saving on your bills.

Our technology automatically detects where you’re overpaying on expenses and switches you to a better deal.

Do it for me

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