Ever get the niggling feeling that your contract is no longer the cheapest?

We’re here to help: in just a few clicks, you’ll be saving.


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Know when it's time.


Integrate with your accounting software and receive intelligent notifications about when its the right time to move to a new supplier. Its knowledge brought to you.


Our supplier network continues to grow..

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“Quite simply brilliant! Expense Check you are part of our team; it’s like we just got an extra member of staff.”
— Sharon - Franchise owner

Get smart with your suppliers.


We give you real-time analysis of your expenses like electricity, insurance and telecoms - any time and on your mobile.  And without you having to do any work.  


Our Partner network continues to grow..

What a simple way to deliver more value for my clients. A conversation doesn’t get much better than showing them them they have just saved over $6,000!
— Annie - Bookkeeper
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Built to save you time and money.


Never miss a renewal date again.  All the research, number crunching and heavy lifting is done in the background.  Its all you need all in one place, on the go and in real time.


Our client network continues to grow..

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